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Our history

just bee students
saul serna coach and just bee students

Three Schools in Rockford Illinois were about to be closed for poor performance.

We began coaching students at Jackson School in 2005 - 2006.

2 years later the school was not on the AYP  risk list, its academic level had risen significantly and we knew that we were transforming the school, one student, one teacher, and one family at a time.

We were transforming the behavior of students, parents, and teachers, yet the physical condition of the school needed work.


In one week, with a group of volunteers and 720 hours of labor, we achieved AN EXTREME SCHOOL MAKEOVER in two classrooms and the corridor, giving students and teachers a beautiful place to teach and learn

students with the just bee book written by saul serna
students enjoying class with saul
students in colombia
just bee students in nicaragua

We completed the first coaching cycle where the students who started in 2nd grade were now in 5th grade and became the mentors for the new 2nd grade students starting the program.

The program was implemented in other schools in Chicago, San Antonio, Miami, 14 villages in Nicaragua and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Then we started coaching young people and children at the Albergue infantil Bogota in Colombia and started the development of a primary school in Kenya

Currently the program is being implemented at the Olepoipoi School in Kenya where we started with a few children under a tree, and today we have more than 500 students in the school.

olepoipoi school students
new classroom with mural made by one of the volunteers

If you want to implement the Just Bee program in your school, write to us and we will contact you.


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