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  Coach the Children, Change the World  

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Meaningful Purpose



I know that all happiness in life begins with giving thanks for what I already have, no matter what it is... from now on I will wake up every morning with a smile because I am grateful for my life, my family and my health.

We coach  children to appreciate what they have, to be the best they can be, to be careful of our fragile environment, to celebrate life, and to pay it forward. ​

We empower children in the integral development of their talents through the values learned in the 12 character building lessons presented in the program, such as as acceptance for who they are, celebrating diversity and communicating using the universal language of respect and compassion.


We believe that using and enjoying 'Just Bee' lessons at school and at home will create better communication and family time, and foster respect, appreciation and understanding in the world.  


Along with the commitment of parents and teachers, the book teaches and coaches children to accept who they are, enjoy the process of becoming who they want to be, and celebrate our similarities and differences, regardless of race, national origen, background, or age.

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honey just bee
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Coaching Program 
For Schools

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This is a character building and diversity inclusion  children's coaching program, presented by two little bees in 12 powerful life lessons that inspires children to be the best they can be, teachers to be passionate about coaching, and parents exited about actively participating in the development of their children character building values.
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Coaching Program
For Families

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This is a gift for you and your family. The complete coaching program can be downloaded for  free, so you can coach, enjoy and become your best family version while coaching your children.

The program is fun, complete and interactive, give it a try and enjoy!
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Saul is a business and life coach who has identified a problem and found the solution.

Today we have a deficiency of character, tolerance and values, which has changed the way we interact with each other. It is for this reason that Saul Serna, wrote the book and developed of the children's coaching program with  12 life lessons that contains the values that help us accept, appreciate, and be the best we can be, so we can understand accept and appreciate each other to coexist in peace and harmony

To have success in life, as in business, we need to develop a conscious collaborative mind set where we accept, collaborate and share with others, and this program teaches, at an early age, how to do so.

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 just bee foundation



Saul Serna

P: +1 305.906.2247 

4249 East State St.

Rockford Illinois 61108

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