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Maasai Beehive 2024

I am very happy to share a project that will change lives. We know it will make a big difference and a tremendous impact on the lives of the students, teachers and the entire Maasai community at Olepoipoi School in Kenya.


Since we started our coaching program, we have seen tremendous transformation in the school and community. Due to the need of the students and their families, we decided to build a kindergarten classroom and a library focused on the Maasai culture. We call it the "MAASAI BEEHIVE".

We have started our project to build this multi-purpose space to accommodate 50 children who will begin their early childhood education, combined with a library focused on Maasai culture to learn and share their culture with the world and learn about other cultures, and a meetings for the Maasai community.

This space will inspire learning about the world, awaken their imagination and connect children of the Maasai culture with the world through values.


Imagine a space where children can deepen their knowledge of Maasai culture, learn about other cultures and become world-class citizens based on the Just Be values of respect, appreciation, compassion and love for their neighbors, regardless of their origin. , language and culture.

The "Maasai Beeive" will make an educational difference, give children the tools and knowledge to explore the world beyond their horizon and cultivate curiosity to learn about others, and inspire everyone to speak the universal language of respect and the appreciation.


We have already started construction and plan to deliver the Maasai Beehive on March 8, 2024. Every contribution, regardless of the amount, will bring us closer to achieving our mission.


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