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Saul Serna


"Being a parent is one of the biggest responsibilities in life, and to play this vital role, apart from the natural vocation, we must prepare ourselves." This thought was put into action by Saul Serna, a highly successful Colombian businessman, with the creation of his bilingual book Just Be, or Sólo Se

Saúl Serna was born in Bogotá, and after graduating in business administration and international marketing, he immigrated to the United States in 1988 to fulfill what he calls "his Latin American dream." He started working at a restaurant in Rockford, Illinois, where he lives today. Currently, associated with his wife, he runs his own successful real estate company with more than 160 agents.

The book Just Be, or Sólo Se, was born from his "hobby" of being a father, dedicated to his son and grandchildren and he advises that it should be read together by children and parents, to jointly share the experience and obtain the result that Saul intends to leave in them: DISCOVER THE CAPACITY TO ENJOY WHO WE ARE AND LEARN TO ACCEPT OTHERS AS THEY ARE.

The book transmits strength so that children believe in themselves and learn to appreciate the gifts with which they were born. Saúl complements this book with seminars, also created for children, which he develops with the greatest success throughout the country.

In the book, Saul Serna created two bees as central characters. Papi, a Hispanic immigrant bee, and Honey, a blonde, blue-eyed American bee. culture of the other” explains Saúl. "This is how they learn to accept their differences, to point out their similarities, and together they realize that they can achieve much more if they understand their cultures, apart from the language." And go on. “As parents we must set an example for our children; complaining is not a good example. Cultural integration is a difficult process for which parents are responsible, so as not to create insecurity and instability in the child and later problems”. Comment.

Saul's success story has been published in various media such as Univision, NBC and the New York Times, among others, for his activities in Real Estate and in other projects created by him: "The Latin American Dream" and "The Latin Boom ”






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