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Olepoipoi School Kenya

pre school project
happy kids

Since 2005 we have been coaching children in different parts of the world with our Just Bee children's character and diversity coaching program. Our program has changed lives and inspired many people to share and carry our message of education and respect. This this year we are very grateful and excited as we are very close to going again, to complete the construction of the new Kindergarten classroom and the maasai centric library in the Olepoipoi School for the children of Lolgorian Kenya.  

In 2006, the classes were given under a tree and then in a room that only had walls, and some desks that we built. The blackboard was provisional and we had no flooring, it was on the dirt floor...

As we kept developing the program the community was aware and the school participation was growing. We needed to be able to offer classrooms so we began construction and expansion of the school.

Students in Kenya having lunch
Building the study rooms
kindergarten students

With a spirit of collaboration, together with members of the local community and the school district, we started this project with a common goal: To provide students with a place that inspires learning, in a safe and happy environment.  After many challenges, we were able to finish the first classrooms.

The construction was done; however, we needed the final touches such as painting, decorating, furniture and naturally providing the materials, teaching tools and creativity in order to maximize the learning experience of the students. 

Our next project was to put water tanks and make a kitchen in the school, since we needed to not only nourish their minds with the values of the Just Bee program but also their bodies, so we started the construction of the kitchen and the installation of water tanks and filtration systems.

Building educational spaces
Construction of kitchen at school in Kenya
Building the kitchen to feed the children
Water tank installation for children
Students in Kenya
Studying at Olepoipoi School in Kenya
Recess, student rest

We continue our work in the classrooms, and improve the education. We were able to install the new electric transformer and solar panels to provide electricity, water, food and education.

The community and families have collaborated and celebrated their achievements under the inspiration of teachers like Sampuoti, our foundation leader in Kenya.

There are more and more students, both male and female, , their academic scores keep improving year after year, and the families are integrated and committed to education and community development.

In April 2022, a group of 7 Colombians went to continue our mission, to inspire, collaborate and learn together. Our goal was to complete the 2 classrooms that were built and donate a water tank to another school in need.

We work decorating classrooms, teaching Just Bee classes, sharing love and giving respect and example.

volunteers in kenya
new classrooms olepoipoi school by just bee
saul with the teachers of just bee's olepoipoi school
happy children celebrating the end of the year of their course
just bee olepoipoi school volunteers
students in kenya learning
just bee olepoipoi school, with its students, teachers and volunteers

We are very happy with the achievements and transformation that we are evidencing and we remain focused on providing the positive and necessary conditions for learning... it is the first step. The magic begins when students, teachers and the community  participate in the JUST BEE coaching program, which teaches values, respect and inclusion in diversity. 

As each student learns to be responsible for living the twelve lessons presented in our program, their lives, those of their peers, and families begin to transform. We know and we have confirmed that, when teaching and coaching children at an early age, we can change the world…and your help makes this mission possible!

education changes the world, happy children studying
school students in kenya
saúl serna teaching classes at school
a teacher teaching his students
feeding the students
a fun time at school
fixing the olepoipoi school by just bee
A student thanking him for what he learned at school

Now we see everyone's commitment, the will of teachers, families and students to create a place that invites learning, collaboration, respect and growth. We have created a place so that each person can be their best version, and that has become the motto of the Olepoipoi School... a place to JUST BEE YOUR BEST.

We continue to feed their knowledge with values and respect through the Just Bee children's coaching program, as well as providing the necessary food and water on school days. The water tanks now have filtration systems provided by the county and we continue to send funds for food as well as seeds for their gardens.

We are very proud and grateful for the opportunity we have to serve, share and learn together. We are celebrating diversity and respect for each person, we share our cultures, we celebrate our achievements and we keep going.

We know that a small group of committed people can achieve great things together. Through education and mutual respect we can advance in the development of exemplary citizens.

We hope you will join the Maasai Beehive project by donating money for the construction, resources and ideas to deliver the first maasai centric library and kindergartner classroom. 

hives with emotional photos


olepoipoi school by just bee
celebrating the new facade of this construction at the school
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